Our mission

JEF is committed to promoting human rights worldwide, rehabilitating worldwide history, culture, and Science. It acts to empower local civil society groups who are working to advance the protection of human rights in their respective countries and assists them with raising human rights concerns at the international level. In cooperation with partner organizations, JEF advocates on behalf of individuals and communities who are among those most vulnerable to discrimination, injustice, and human rights violations.

The Josammy Emporio foundation (JEF), also deals with human rights issues by identifying them according to their causes, sources, and origins. We all know that the human rights problems we have today are linked to the falsification of the whole history of mankind by referring to questions of the origin of human civilization and technology. This falsified human history is taught everywhere (some Societies, Religions with dogma, educational systems, and cultures) in order to promote the supremacy of certain peoples who have the illusion of being superior to others. Nature teaches nothing, it allows man to protect himself against the hostilities of the atmosphere”. Nature teaches us nothing useless. It is also Nature which compels man to kill, to eat to sequester, and even to torture his fellow man. As soon as we leave the natural order of necessity and need to enter the fields of luxury and pleasure, we see that Nature can lead one to crime. Nature is nothing but the voice of our interest. Virtue, knowledge, and philosophy, on the contrary are artificial, almost supernatural, Evil is effortless. The fields of luxury and pleasure, we see that nature can lead one to crime. Since the primitivism in the great struggle which allowed man to free himself from the animal kingdom, nature has been not only the first Shepherd of humanity but also its first enemy. To free himself from this natural oppression, man has perpetually devoted himself to the conquest of the world. His main help was science and technology. Our organization also aims to rehabilitate the universal culture, science and true technology which must serve the interests of man, protect, and promote the sustainability of the human species. To rehabilitate human rights and promote people’s happiness, we will answer the following questions:

Partnership: Building partnerships is a cornerstone of our work. In our cooperation with local human rights groups, we always strive to establish partnerships that are based on equality and mutual respect.

Responsiveness:We are responsive to the needs of our local partner organizations and work to support them to address pressing human rights concerns and reach out to the international community.

The real challenges of humanity

The real challenge of humanity is to avoid all forms of violence and segregationist activities aimed at marginalizing all citizens who must enjoy their rights as human beings in a position to invest in their development on this planet.

By developing a lasting peace with the restoration of real rights based on mutual respect between peoples and a good harmonious cooperation of all the peoples of our planet. All social classes of all countries can develop good technologies without polluting the universe, technologies capable of living in exoplanets. It is imperative to understand the reactivities of dark energy in order to live in exoplanets and tame life. The great knowledge of dark energy will allow humans to extend their lifespan by 300-500 years.

To rehabilitate human rights and promote people’s happiness, we will answer the following questions:
  1. The origin and the development of life
  2. The dark energy reactivities
  3. The scientific aspect and reactivities Interpretation of consciousness
  4. The fate of the universe
  5. The principle reactivities of universe
  6. The question of multi-universe
  7. The real reactivities of universe
  8. The superconductivity and superfluidity real reactivity process
  9. The Boomerang reactivities
  10. The fundamental thermodynamic force impact in evolution of living system and the consequence and reactivities of planetarium Magnet reversal
  11. The pollution of universe and planetarium Magnet reversal
  12. The reactivities of black holes and horizon events.
  13. The sigma ZG reactivities of universe and time travel
  14. The principle of aging reversal

With highest’s world technology namely:

  • Alpha & Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix
  • The Quantum Matrix Anti Gravity Sigma ZG Matrix
  • The physicochemical potential Sigma ZG Matrix
  • The Geo-thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix
There are four complementary technologies susceptible to explains all reactivities of universe (Origin of life, Dark energy, consciousness, and end of universe)

Commitment: We are driven by a strong commitment to promoting human rights and advancing the mission of our organization, to the benefit of individuals and communities in our target countries.

Integrity: We carry out our mandate in an independent and impartial way, take responsibility for our work, and demonstrate accountability to our donors, partners, and others with whom we cooperate.

The starting point of Josammy Emporio Foundation’s work is the recognition that human rights protection is always a matter of international concern, and that the international community has a crucial role to play in supporting the efforts of local civil society groups to hold their governments accountable to international human rights standards. This is the case with respect to civil society groups operating in repressive environments.