FISSICOLA/ Sante Communautaire/ pointe Noire

pointe Noire

The mission of the FISSICOLA branch which deals with community health, particularly in Pointe Noire, for the fight against poverty, the rehabilitation of culture, science, technology and to contribute to the happiness and health of all by installing social medical centers in less impact and psychological assistance for people in distress and orphans.

Mission: Contribute to improving the living conditions of vulnerable people, particularly women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, by offering them quality, accessible and affordable health services, as well as by supporting them in carrying out their economic and social development projects.

Goals: Strengthen the capacities of local health structures, supporting them in staff training, equipment, management and monitoring-evaluation.

Promote the prevention and testing of diseases, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, neglected tropical diseases and non-communicable diseases.

Support community initiatives to combat malnutrition, by promoting access to healthy, diverse and sufficient food, as well as drinking water and sanitation.

Support actions to protect and promote the rights of women and girls, by combating gender-based violence, early and forced marriages, female genital mutilation and unwanted pregnancies.

Support vulnerable people in implementing their income-generating activities, by offering them training, microcredits, equipment and technical


Ntietie Kimbembe Bissila Aurelie the administrator of the Josammy Emporio foundation points branch for social and community health

Father LEHO Bovary, first manager of community health, FISSICOLA Pointe Noire branch


Father LEHO Bovary Poutrel Avignon, opConvent of Saint Catherine of Siena, Côte-Mateve Pointe-Noire/Congo

B P. 4012 Pointe-Noire
Telephone: 00242 06 869 79 43/ 05 352 62 35
Email address:
Since 2017

2012 –2014 Pastor at Saint Dominique Parish (Pointe-Noire)

Director of Radio Veritas (Douala)

  • Radio Administration
  • Host of the show “Ethics and Society”
  • Hosting the show “Corporate Values”
  • Co-host of the show “Beautiful Bible Stories”

Teacher at UCAC-ICAM (Douala and Pointe-Noire)

    • Social teaching of the Church
      Editorial director of Radio Maria (Pointe-Noire)
      Since 2018
    • Facilitator of the catechism of the Catholic Church

      1999 – 2002 Degree in Philosophy – Saint Robert Bellarmine Institute / R D C
        – Option: moral philosophy


2004 – 2007
License in Theology – Catholic University of West Africa/ Abidjan CI
– Option: moral theology
Master II in Moral Theology – Catholic University of Central Africa

2010 – 2011 Professional degree in organizational communication/Douala Higher School of Management
Option: corporate communication

Inter-ethnic conflicts in Africa

Bibliography – How to pray with your body, Our weapons for spiritual combat (2013)
– Pull me out of the mud, Human and spiritual means to free oneself from deadly sins (2014)
– The power of the Christian gaze (2014)
– Trials in the face of God’s silence (2015)
– Worship and healing of inner wounds (2015)
– The prayer of the gaze (2016)
WikiLinguila – Meta (

Peace in the World

  • as peace in the world
  • A dream so beautiful, so noble, so big
  • Who unites the hearts of all children?
  • From the earth, our common home
  • Where everyone has their place, their fortune
  • Peace in the world
  • A hope so strong, so sweet, so tender
  • Who inspires the souls of all beings?
  • Of life, our supreme gift
  • Where everyone has their voice, their value.
  • Peace in the world.
  • A mission so just, so wise, so holy
  • Who calls the spirits of all people?
  • Of faith, our divine light
  • Where everyone has their faith, their joy.
  • Peace in the world.
  • A prayer so pure, so beautiful, so true
  • Who lifts hearts to heaven
  • Of Jesus Christ, our savior
  • Where everyone has their love, their grace.

Peace is my Heritage

Peace as a legacy

  • A gift so precious, so wonderful, so great
  • Who comes from God the Father and Jesus the Son
  • Who loved us so much that he gave his life for us?
  • And who promised to come back for us?
  • Peace as a legacy.
  • A grace so strong, so sweet, so deep
  • Which is granted to us by the Spirit, the Comforter?
  • Who dwells in us, teaches us and reminds us?
  • Everything Jesus told us and commanded us.
  • Peace as a legacy
  • A joy so pure, so beautiful, so true
  • Who fills our hearts, keeps them and reassures them?
  • When the world troubles us, oppresses us and hates us.
  • And who makes us hope for the day of his return?
  • Peace as a legacy
  • A call so just, so wise, so holy
  • Who invites us to love, believe and obey?
  • To Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life
And who brings us into the glory of the Father?