FISSICOLA/ Elikia Batsoua

Together we fight against inequalitie

Elikia Batsoua is a humanitarian branch organization of FISSICOLA which deals with saving lives, alleviating suffering, and preserving human dignity. The task assigned to all FISSICOLA Branches in order to preserve human dignity. The Objective is to fight against poverty and inequalities with a lasting impact. The objective is to support those who are vulnerable in nearly 150 countries, most often children and women, who are the first impacted by Social and racial discrimination.

Let’s defend the rights of women, children, and oppressed peoples!

Do you know how many countries have achieved gender equality? children’s rights? the eradication of racism? the eradication of social injustices, racism? tribalism? stereotypes? None! This is why, every day in the world, the Josammy Emporio Foundation association helps women, children, minorities, oppressed peoples, marginalized peoples to defend their rights and get out of poverty and violence. Join us!

I want to Pass on My Heritage

By transmitting all or part of your assets through a bequest, life insurance or donation, you offer the future as a legacy. You are making a tremendous gesture to end extreme poverty and inequality and build with us a fairer and more sustainable world.

I became a partner.

Engage in a tailor-made partnership between your company and the Josammy foundation and company, Emporio foundation. Together, let’s help millions of people facing poverty and inequality around the world! The FISSICOLA / Elikia Batsoua actions, directly linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and our presence around the world offer many opportunities for engagement.

I become a partner and great activist of social, cultural and intellectual happiness.

Our mobilization campaigns.

Our mobilizations win victories. With your support, step by step, we are moving the lines against poverty, le racism, stereotype, and injustice.

Let's bring humanitarian aid during crises!

Before, during and after a humanitarian crisis

Limit the risks of crises upstream: for example, by developing good constructive technologies useful to guarantee the purity of our environment without pollution, technologies capable of preventing earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, global warming, pollution atmospheric and this technology is.’’

Alpha & Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix
Quantum Antigravity Sigma ZG Matrix
Geo-thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix
Physicochemical Potential Sigma ZG Matrix

Also, by developing agricultural production with the right thermodynamic standards to limit the risk of famine, by building homes that are more resistant to natural disasters, by supporting access to health against epidemics.

Provide emergency humanitarian aid, in the first hours following a disaster or overtime during a conflict: distribution of food, shelter, access to water and health care, etc.

Rebuild over the long term: we help people to rebuild and revive local economies. For this, we involve women in all our actions and support their rights, the rights of children, minority peoples, oppressed peoples: because we cannot have a lasting impact if half the population is excluded!

We will have to protect this planet, this universal heritage. The only reliable dwelling we have.

Let us avoid producing dirty technologies such as the arms races and the useless and uncontrolled explorations of space which produce large quantities of carbon dioxide. Humans are still at a low level of technology.

The real technologies consist in preventing disasters.

Natures, eradicate diseases such as Diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, pandemics, aging, and travel to other planets to live there. Humans can time travel and extend lifespans by nearly 300 years. All nations that cannot time travel and live on other planets or galaxies have weak technology because the greatest wealth of this world is in space. So, stop your stereotype, believing you are superior by producing technologies that destroy and pollute the planet. All the technology on our planet is weak and oblivious.