Universe space is the result of ignorance of the unseen energies that occupy the space around us. Obviously, certain light frequencies, or the tiniest particles of matter that make up atoms are invisible to us. Energy is often invisible, such as electricity or movement of the air. We only know about its presence when it interacts with a denser, physical object.

Everything in the universe is just energy. It appears that the creator of this universe has a strong point to make regarding that-the standing wave represents the electric potential that covers every speck of space. In other words. The creator’s energy is ever present throughout creation. And this presence is always there to assist us, but we must learn how to tune in to it properly. There are scientific methods of meditation that can help take those, who are ready, to the next level with the tools like:

  1. Alpha & Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix
  2. The Quantum Antigravity Sigma ZG Matrix
  3. The Geo-thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix
  4. The potential physicochemical Sigma ZG Matrix