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This picture displays the reactivities inversely proportional between dark energy (microcrack extension stress stability) and Entropy. This image represents the characteristic of dark energy and a specific entropy that impacts the universe at the microscopic scale as well as the macroscopic scale.

All superheroes are admired by people around the world. Obviously, they have exceptional qualities and greatness. Considering our history, many superheroes were reserved by their virtues. We know that the world has seen many heroes who lived in flesh and blood with us like Imhotep, Nelson Mandela, Cleopatra, Kemet, Boltzmann, Reimann, Einstein, RICI, Euler, Nernst, Newton, Kepler, Avocado, Nicola Tesla, Coulomb, Auguste Comte, Nernst.

The knowledge that you have created is the process of your thinking, and your love for knowledge engenders technological advances that are filled with light.


Imhotep is the father of ancient Egyptian medicine. According to the writings he would have lived 3000 years before our era. This man was a scientist with incredible talents, he was at once a doctor, a philosopher, and an architect. Moreover, he is the first to have used columns in architecture. He is the one who innovated the tombs which constitute the eternal resting places of kings by inventing the pyramids. The pyramids justify all the laws of geometry, right triangles, the speed of light, the number pi, centimeters, and millimeters.

In the modern-faced society that we live in, there is always someone or something demanding time and attention. When I constantly responding to these demands, I am meeting the need of others that requires my personal time, instead of focusing on my own situation that can lead to my self-esteem. Sometimes people feel guilty about taking personal time. However, in the world for ethical reasons, self-esteem is a main aspect of the way that people view their identities. Probably, self-esteem underpins every experience in life: it’s helped people to see the positive in every situation, to cope with adversities, and fully appreciate good times. Positive self-esteem is vital in evaluation of people’s lives in the following major areas, education, life goals, family competence, and economic prosperity. We have several FISSICOLA branches and programs.

We have many FISSICOLA Branches for the rehabilitation of the world’s culture and technology. Namely: