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Do not deny your history, become aware of your destiny. What is important is that man should live in justice, in natural love for mankind. The greatness of a man is not measured by the wealth he acquires but by his integrity and his ability to positively affect the people around him. Alpha & Omega thermodynamic sigma ZG Matrix.


The Quantum Antigravity Sigma ZG Matrix

We perceive the world against the background of our need and wants rather than as an objective reality. We create our own inner world. We are not locked into any modal behavior, although we must behave in accordance with the behaviors of others. Behavior is the attempt to control our perceptions and to adapt our outer world to our inner or personal world.

Choice theory teaches us that the only person whose behavior we can change is our own. How we feel is not controlled by others or influenced by events. We are much more in control of our lives than we think. Choice theory explains how and why we make the choices that determine the course of our lives. It assumes that all we can do from birth to death is behave. Everything we do can be understood in the context of total behavior, made up of four inseparable components: thought, feeling, action and physiology.

FISSICOLA-Literature & Science

This book is one of the most beautiful versions to say more about the questions relating to our existence and our presence on the planet. Reading this book will allow readers to dive into a universe where the understanding of many scientific facts of our universe will no longer hold any secrets.
It is there to satisfy the curiosity of scientists, laymen and philosophers. Also, to provide reliable educational information that would boost intellectual and emotional well-being, enriching the lives of all mankind. This book has been written to serve the legitimate purpose of reforming and updating education to improve personal assessment globally.

Alpha & Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix

The composition of the universe is 73% dark energy, 22% dark matter and 5% baryonic matter. However, this composition is not constant, the composition of the universe changes over time. During the Big Bang, the process of development and maximum expansion. Dark energy rules the universe in a multiverse system on both microscopic and macroscopic scales. Dark energy is responsible for an irreversible natural phenomenon in the stability of chemical, biochemical, mechanical reactions, superconductivity, superfluidity, and the expansion of the universe. Dark energy is the fundamental thermodynamic force that fills the entire universe and multiverse in a uniform way, equipped with negative pressure.

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