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The first statues of deities were black

India : The first statues of the Indi-Kush pantheon were represented with black skin (Krishna, Kali etc,,) and before Buddha looked like a Chinese, he looked like us and was revered as such throughout Asia

Mexico: The Olmec civilization begins around 3400 before the birth of Lumumba, that is to say thousands of years before the Mayas and the Aztecs and the first deities were represented with black skin, such as Ixtlilton (Little Black) comparable to Bes.

Egypt : All early Neteru were also depicted with black skin, so the further back in the history of the Nile Delta, the more Negroid the statues become.

Vietnam: The first statues of the Vietnamese pantheon were also represented with a very black skin like for example Vishnu or Champa, and in this connection, the Chinese called the Empire Champa or the people of Cham, today known as VietNam; the land of black men.

Thailand: The earliest statues in the Thai Pantheon were also depicted with black skin, and the ancient depiction of Buddha had a very dark complexion and Africanid features.

Greece: The first statues of the Greek pantheon were depicted with black skin like Afrodite, Heracles and many others.

Roma: Many important deities were also represented with black skin like Hermes or Isis.

China: Even early Chinese statues were cast in the same Africoid mold.

Russia: Early depictions of the Virgin and her Son were black and revered as such throughout Europe until the idea of white supremacy arose. Russia and Poland still like original images even if little by little the same bleaching phenomenon is gaining ground.

Cambodia: Angkor Wat is a temple that was built in the 12th century by the Khmer king; Suryavarman and it is still considered the greatest religious monument in the world.

The Chinese have always portrayed the Khmer people as short, flat-nosed black men with curly-to-frizzy hair whose empire stretched at its height; from southern China to Thailand.