Classical African Civilization before Asiatic or European Invasion (200,000 BCE-350 BCE )

Egypt is the greatest civilization that mankind has ever known. Indeed, almost all our knowledge comes from the ancient Egyptians. One of the truths that many people still ignore or dispute is: Egypt was a black civilization. And even though much evidence of this has been erased or falsified, there are many evidence and traces that testify to it, such as statutes with broken noses, hieroglyphics with representations of black phenotypes, mummies, and DNA from mummies. , is always available for anyone who has doubts about this truth . All the remains testify to the presence of a highly evolved black civilization with great knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. All the foundations of science and technology. The first pillars of architecture come from Egypt.

To understand how Egypt enriched the whole of humanity, it is necessary to know the origins of this marvelous civilization as well as the different periods of its history. Let’s stay focused to understand everything, because the following lines will serve us throughout our learning about Egypt or Kemet!


The real name of ancient Egypt was Kemet.

Kemet means “the country of the blacks” in medu netjer, which is the language that was spoken there. Indeed, the Kemites were a black-skinned people who had inhabited this place since at least 100,000 BC.

Kemet consisted of a large desert but also a river called the Nile, and on the area to the right of the Nile grew a lot of plants, so it was an easy place to live.

Gradually more and more people came to live in Kemet and the country became densely populated; the existence of a unified government therefore became difficult. Kush and Kemet were neighboring civilizations although there is much controversy regarding the association and origin of these two cities. One account state that Kemet and Kush had a rival relationship although Kemet first grew socio-economically and became the most powerful civilization by invading and conquering Kush. The Kushites were used as slaves in Kemet to build the pyramids, the farm, etc. After many years, Kush achieved independence from Kemet. He also indicates that the population of Kemet had evolved a lot in all planes and that Kush was composed of Nubians. According to archaeological evidence, it reveals that Kemet was a land of blacks (Nubians) and the Kushites were the first inhabitants. In the historical. The history of Africa begins with the appearance of the human race, approximately 2.6 million years ago. The continent is the cradle of humanity, where around 200,000 years ago, modern humans developed and subsequently spread the rest of the globe. The country crossed by the Nile has always been part of a world apart. Very early on, a culture flourished there that no obstacle came to stop in its development, and which resulted in a very advanced civilization. As on the banks of the Euphrates, this development was valued on a favorable climate and fertile soil. The inhabitants of its regions knew neither hunger nor cold, while those of other countries had to strive to fight them.


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